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Why recommend the stone slabs for your counter-tops: Because its a natural exotic beautiful fresh elegant finish, easy clean surface, bacteria free & custom fabricated.

  • Marble: It's the most beautiful, exotic natural finish with natural veins. Because of it's porous material, it is not suggested to use in high traffic areas, such as a kitchen.  

  • Granite: The best natural stone decision for kitchen counter-tops. It's resistant to heat, stains & cracks. Elegant, clean & beautiful finishes.

  • Quartz: Is an engineered stone harder than granite, more durable and requires low maintenance. It's has a large variety of colors. It is not  heat resistant and heat may damage it. Recommend to use heat pad's.  

  • Quartzite: It is one of the hardest materials, heat resistant and stains less. Is a great decision for kitchen counter-tops.  

  • Dekton:​ It's not stain-resistant, it's stain proof. It is also heat resistant. Dekton is sun proof, will not discolor plus resistant to cracks & chips. 

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