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Tile is not used only in bathrooms, it has expanded throughout different areas around the house like fireplaces, outdoor patios, and many more.


Our experience can help you to choose between the different tiles there are and variety of colors.


Tile is easy to install and its water resistant and can withstand spills. Tile will not absorb bacteria or odor. There is an option to install heated floors.


   We try to give our clients as much information as possible when making a final decision.

  • Marble: It's the most beautiful, luxurious and impressive natural stone. To obtain an exotic finish.

  • Granite: It's elegance and sophistication natural stone and resists stains, cracks & chips.


  • Porcelain:Its a long lasting product. It's also resistant to stains, cracks & chips. Comes in numerous colors, styles and sizes.  

  • Slate: Its a natural stone with a natural finish  that reduces risks of slip & falls. It is a very durable stone. It can be used for both interior & exterior.


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